Ever since the foundation of P&Co we’ve always maintained our passion for fantastic leather goods.

For the past three years we've been working closely with one of, if not the best leather manufacturers in the United Kingdom to develop and produce our leather items.

As a company we aim to produce quality and simplistic products, that not only look amazing but have a purpose and will stand the test of time. By using simple designs and having an appreciation for the material this results in us producing a personal and raw product that can fit into anybody’s lifestyle. Alongside this we understand that durability is a must, and being able to design something that develops and adapts overtime is all the more exciting for us.

Our products are intended to wear over time and develop into truly unique, individual pieces that tell a story. We have to date shipped hundreds of our leather goods to 36 different countries around the globe, the demand for British made quality leather is growing and it's time for us to grow our collection!


In true P&Co fashion we take the time to carefully select the best leathers and materials possible to produce the most unique, ‘built-to-last’ products we can. Attention is paid to every detail from the colours that are used right down to the way the leather embosses as branding our products is a key to maintaining our hand made image. We use two types of leather…

Full Grain with Oily Wax Finish

The term Full Grain means that the leather has not been altered; the skins are simply how we bought them in their strongest and most durable form. Oil wax is then applied to the product to prevent oxidisation to the product, whilst also enhancing the natural tones and shading in each product.

Vegetable Tanned Hide

This method of leather has been used for thousands of years and is one we continue to trust in and use within our products. The natural tannins found in barks, wood and other plants convert the animal’s skin into leather; this process produces the highest quality leather whilst allowing the skin to retain its natural markings.

Caring For Your Leather Products

Looking after your leather goods is vital. With interaction, each product will gain its own individual markings due to  the skins natural oils, sunlight exposure and its individual patina. All these elements help give your P&Co leather goods its own characteristics. With a little bit of care and attention your P&Co leather goods will last years.

Stains; These can be hard to remove from products, however we suggest using a damp cloth or professional leather cleaner, leaving the products to dry naturally. Ink and oil based stains will be nearly impossible to remove due to the nature of the material. 

We've been using leather goods for years now and honestly we've really put them through the mill (A little coffee or beer never hurt our products)! We cant wait to see how your P&Co leather goods start to wear and we hope you'll love them more as you use them!