Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it's one small item that can kickstart and fuel a whole world of ideas. In this instance our imagination was caught by a jacket that was gifted to us from a close friend. Not only was it a badass jacket but it was also used as a prop on set of the Brad Pitt film, Fury.

Having been inspired by Military references since starting the brand, myself and Mr. Clark were overwhelmed to have such an awesome piece living in our studio! This jacket then fuelled an entire military themed collection with a huge array of inspirations. Referencing WW1 'Trench art found on Vietnamese Zippos, 'Nose Art' from WW2 aircraft and traditional flash sheet tattoos this collection was a really fun one to work on. Bringing our signature P&Co twist to iconic military art styles has been a really interesting project. We've brought a whole new dimension to the brand, something that we're really keen to show you! 

With such an awesome world to be inspired by we've had Alejandro Gomez & Megamunden join us again. As the newest contributors to the creative team their arsenal of skills have brought some firepower to the collection! 

'Never Settle' has been our mantra for this year, a constant reminder to all of us to constantly push the boundaries. To not stand still and to drive for bigger and better products. It seemed only right that this military inspired collection was named after that.

After 6 months in the making myself and Mr. Clark are are really excited to release this one and show you what's been inspiring us in 2016.

Mr. Timms