In line with our 'Never Settle' mantra and collection launch, we have been speaking with skilled craftspeople from a broad range of industries that are constantly honing their craft and striving for better.  
Next up is the super-talented London-based Graphic Designer & Letterer Joshua Harris, aka 'theaboarddude' (check him out on Instagram).  He created us this awesome custom piece for our Never Settle collection!
P&Co:  Tell us a bit about your craft, & when/how you first became involved with it
JH:  It kinda all started by accident. I dropped out of Uni after my second year and while this is deemed to be a pretty lacklustre decision in the eyes of many, I decided to stick to my degree-less guns and roll with it anyways.  While working full-time as a waiter, trying to figure out what to do with my life, I caught the attention of the bossman at The Breakfast Club after drawing up some stomach-turning (but rather pretty) dad jokes on the cafe's A-Board – and it just went from there.  Exposure to all of The Breakfast Club's customers gave me an invaluable head-start on social media, and coupled with my immersion into the chalkboard lettering world, this took me to where I am now.  Today, I work for numerous hotels, restaurants and independent cafes across the capital; and as a part-time Art Director for a Communications Collective called The Barefaced Movement. 
P&Co:  How is the idea ‘Never Settle’ applicable to you?
JH:   It relates to me as a mantra for my lettering skills. I have a propensity to refine and develop my abilities as a Calligrapher, Photographer and brand-builder and will never settle until I'm sat on an island beach drinking fresh coconut water whilst my translucent skin matures into a significant tan. 
P&Co:  Talk us through your favourite piece of work..
JH:  It's probably my 'Ariana Grande' design (below). Although I can't take credit for coining the phrase, it had the biggest response from any of my posts in the last two years.  Interacting with and seeing my followers descend upon the image with such enthusiasm and eagerness to share was really rewarding.  I hope to create more impacting features like this in the near future.
P&Co:  What is your favourite P&Co piece?
JH:   The Tenby Rucksack. Though I don't own one myself, the practically of the bag's features, such as internal compartments and slide pocket along with its size is what appeals to me most. I live out of my current bag and it goes everywhere with me, so when looking to get a new one, this would be in my scopes as it's considerably more versatile and tough.
P&Co:  The Tenby is a great choice!  What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
JH:  1) Swiss Army Knife. 2) Ear Plugs. 3) Guitar.  If I'm gonna starve, at least I'll have had some decent kip and kept my sanity with my childhood music!
P&Co:  What would you like to do more of within your field (or even outside of it) in the future?
JH:   Murals. Bigger and bolder pieces. Sharable, inspiring literature for people of all ventures and fields to benefit from. That and products detailed with my designs – having my own shop would be the dream.