P&Co and Ricki Hall started working together in 2013 - since then we have launched the Unlovable Heartbreaker & Slick Rick's collections, and collaborated on plenty of other joint projects.  July 23rd will mark another!

Ricki first landed in the public eye as not only having the most influential hair cut in Britain but also as the face of the worldwide "beard movement", and unbelievably he's saying goodbye to it all in the name of charity!  In October of last year, his father unfortunately passed away of a relatively unknown form of cancer named Mesothelioma.

The big beard shave is to raise awareness of this awful disease, and to try and raise money for the UK charity that helps those suffering as well as their families, and P&Co are delighted to be supporting Ricki's event!

You can help the cause!

We are donating £10 from the sale of every Slick Ricks tee in July directly to the Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust, so get shopping people!

We caught up with him at The Bike Shed ahead of the big day:

P&Co : It's not long to go until the big day now, how are you feeling about it?!

RH : Really excited!  It's been great the amount of people who have donated so far, as well as all the kind words!  I haven't seen my face in around 6 years, so it's going to be interesting to see how much I've aged haha.

P&Co : You have said previously in interviews 'it's unthinkable' for you to shave off your beard, and that you would 'be unbooked from jobs six months in advance with most being cancelled completely'.  Are you worried about how the beard shave is going to affect your career?!

RH : Not at all.  I mean, I'll probably lose out on some jobs but I'll gain others.  My agency have had to contact all the clients who were interested in using me for campaigns to tell them the cut-off date if they wanted to use me with the beard. 

P&Co : Frank is a great guy, how did he come to be your barber of choice for the event?
RH : I've heard about his work for a long time.  We briefly met when my friend Tymoor had his beard shaved off last year.  He has a great shop (Thy Barber, in the bike shed) which all sits perfectly with my previous life as a motorcycle mechanic.  It just fits and makes sense. 
P&Co : Have you got any exciting jobs lined up with your new look (that you're allowed to talk about of course!)?
RH : I've got some really cool work coming up with Red Bull Television..  But sorry guys that's all I can really say at the moment or I'll be in trouble!
P&Co : What are your plans over the summer/for the rest of 2016?
RH : I'm involved in the Bio Camp body transformation programme with my personal trainer, Laurence, at SALUS London.  The summer will be concentrating mainly on that!
P&Co : One last question, where can people donate?!  
RH : They can donate here - any donation is massively appreciated and will help the Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust so so much.  Plus £10 from the sale of every Slick Rick's tee will go directly to the charity too!  Please spare anything you can guys!