In line with our 'Never Settle' mantra and collection launch, we have been speaking with skilled craftspeople from a broad range of industries that are constantly honing their craft and striving for better.  We're sure you're already well acquainted with the work of our next subject... but if you've been hiding under a rock you can check him out here.
Originally from France, Raph worked at Kids Love Ink East in London until recently;  he now resides in Canada and works as a permanent guest in San Diego, Oakland and Chicago.  His work is absolutely stunning; blackwork is all the rage at the moment but he brings something extra special to his tattoos that make him unique.
P&Co :  Tell us a bit about your craft, & when/how you first became involved with it?
RC : So I started getting into tattoos around 15 years ago when I got my first one done; that's when the passion started for me.  10 years later I got the chance to enter the world of tattooing when Charlie Shazer open his shop in London, Kids Love Ink East :) 
P&Co :  How is the idea ‘Never Settle’ applicable to you?
RC : The idea of ''Never Settle'' means a lot to me; we are all living in a very competitive world therefore if you choose to be part of something big, you have to be on point.  It requires a lot of work, so I never settle and am always striving for more.  I also travel a lot for work, so am literally not settling down anywhere! 
P&Co : Explain your favourite piece of work to us?
RC : My favourite piece... Wow you are asking the impossible!  I do have preferences, but all I can say is that every piece is my favourite in its own way.  I do each tattoo for the person as if it were my last.  I put all of my love into each one :)
P&Co : What is your favourite P&Co piece?
RC : The England Hoodie, 'Life's short' mug and all of the leather belts!! 
P&Co : What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
RC : 3 things I would take to a desert island.. 1) A knife  2) A toothbrush and 3) My sunglasses!! 
P&Co : What would you like to do more of within your field (or even outside of it) in the future?
RCWhat I will always try to do more and more in my field is progress - come up with new ideas and projects to still satisfy the desire of my people through their tattoos!! :)