In line with our 'Never Settle' mantra and collection launch, we have been speaking with skilled craftspeople from a broad range of industries that are constantly honing their craft and striving for better.  

Our latest muse is the badass Illustrator Megamunden, who worked with us on the Never Settle design work.  Based in Brighton, England he has received commissions from across the globe - working for brands such as Levi's, Volvo, Carhartt, & Nike Snowboarding.  Check him out on Instagram or at his website!  

P&Co : Tell us a bit about your ‘craft’, & when/how you first became involved with it?

M : My name is Ollie Munden and I work under the alias MEGAMUNDEN.  This was a tongue in cheek name from a while back, but it’s one of those things that’s stuck. People just call me ‘MEGA' now which I can’t say I mind!

My craft in broad terms is Illustration… but that covers everything from designing artwork for products, for walls, for clothing, for skin, for book covers, for advertising and everything in between.  I currently work as one of the Lead Designers at a company called ILOVEDUST and have done so for 5 years; I love it.  In what spare time I have, I do my MEGAMUNDEN work which takes huge influence from tattoo art and skate culture.  I’ve been working in the illustration field for over 10 years now. It’s my life and passion.

P&Co :  How is the ethos ‘Never Settle’ applicable to you?

M : It resinates a lot actually. 2 years ago I put a book out - The Tattoo Colouring Book. It was a HUGE undertaking considering I work full-time as mentioned previously.  The book is over 100 pages long; it nearly killed me.  After it was completed and handed in I took a big chunk of time away from doing my MEGAMUNDEN work… but with ‘Never Settle’ in mind it wasn’t long before I got the bug again and started to make new work… I’m now almost finished on the second instalment in the Tattoo colouring book series. Due out late 2016, it’s called The Tattoo Flash Colouring Book.  In between the two books I was responsible for the Design & Art Direction behind the brand Monday Mo.Co along with the Creative Director at Ilovedust - Mark Graham.  So yeah, I 'never settle' really - always busy!

P&Co : Explain your favourite piece of work to us..

M : I’m really happy with how the below flash sheet came out from the first book I did.  It also sets the tone for the entirety of the second book.

P&Co : What is your favourite P&Co piece?

M : I’m a big fan of the Tenby Rucksack you do. I’ll be getting my mitts on one of these!

P&Co : What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

M : I’d take: 1) My Bowers & Wilkins P5 wireless headphones… they are awesome. 2) Sketchbook and Pentel mechanical pencil set. (that's technically two.. but one is useless without the other!) 3) A chicken. 

P&Co: What would you like to do more of within your field (or even outside of it) in the future?

M : Well, someday I would love to try out tattooing. I’m sure that’s super backward as I’m in my mid 30’s now.  My career path has been super focussed on commercial illustration from the beginning, it’s all i’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’ve managed to make a living at it for a long while so far. The passion for tattoo art came later and the more I dig into it the more it does appeal to me to give it a go. But I respect it’s something you don’t just hop into lightly… although I know these days so many people are doing just that.  I have been offered an apprenticeship by a great artist, which was super nice.. but I guess for now it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe I should have a put a tattoo machine on that desert island list so I could mess up my own legs until I’m frazzled by the sun or lack of food!