You probably know by now that we kind of like coffee..  Well we wanted to show you how you can enjoy a cup of Joe on the warmest of days!  See how we make the perfect Iced Coffee:

Time: Approx 4 minutes
Servings: 2 mugs

What you will need:


Chemex Filter



Hot Water

Double Cream





1) Sit the filter in the Chemex, with the multiple folds lined up against the spout.

2) Rinse the filter with hot water, wetting it evenly all over.  This preheats the Chemex, and ensures there is no papery taste to the coffee.  Dump the rinse water once you're done!

3) Pour 2 scoops / 6 tbsp of ground coffee into the Chemex, as centrally as possible.

4) Start timer, and pour hot water until all coffee grounds are saturated.  Stir in case there are any dry clumps.

5) When the timer reaches 45 seconds, pour more hot water in a spiralling motion covering the grounds.

6) When the timer hits 1 minute 45 seconds, fill the Chemex brewer flush to the top and brew for 4 minutes. 

7) Lift the filter out, and drain in sink.  

8) Add ice cubes.

9) Place Chemex brewer in the fridge for approximately 25 minutes.

10) Fill a shot glass with double cream, and pour into chilled coffee.


11) DRINK!