In line with our 'Never Settle' mantra and collection launch, we have been speaking with skilled craftspeople from a broad range of industries that are constantly honing their craft and striving for better.  

This week is badass barber, Frank Rimer of Thy Barber in Shoreditch.  Check out his personal Instagram here and Thy Barber's here.  We recently popped in for a chat about the man behind the razor, and got some shots of him and Ricki Hall before their upcoming Beard Shave Event on 23rd July!  Click HERE if you want to get involved and donate to this great cause.

P&Co : So Frank, tell us a bit about Thy Barber, & when/how you first created it?

FR : Thy Barber is a traditional mens Barbershop and shave parlour, where we specialise in all things classic; from a chilled glass of whiskey, cold beer, good music, original timeless haircuts, and resurrecting the art of the hot towel shave.

I started the brand two years ago, originally as a pop up brand where we really took the show on the road.  We set up at events across the country such as tattoo expos, custom bike shows, vintage clothing exhibitions and anything else we could get our hands on.  Through the connections that were made doing this, Thy Barber reached a point where we could finally open up a permanent location here in the heart of Shoreditch.  We are now located in a venue called The Bike Shed where you can find us surround by bikes worth up to £40,000, a full restaurant with a great menu and even cocktails!  Not to mention the amazing team filled with passionate individuals.  It really is a great place to go to work everyday.

P&Co : How did you first meet Ricki, and get involved with his charity beard shave?

FR : I first met Ricki a year ago in a Barbershop in Covent Garden, right around the corner from where I first saw P&Co on Earlham Street back in the day.  My good friend Ryan Costello was shaving off one of Ricki's friends beards and we were all just hanging out drinking beers, I ended up grabbing some fish and chips afterwards with everyone.  I'd never met Ricki before that point and wasn't sure what to expect.  You hear so many stories about these tattooed model guys, I've even had a few run-ins with some in the past but thats another story all together haha!  But I can honestly say I was surprised as he was super chilled and very humble.  We just kinda stayed in touch, then I got a message a little while back asking if I wanted to shave his beard off for charity.  I thought he was kidding at first, but then he told me the story of his father (he sadly passed away from a horrible form of cancer called Mesothelioma) and how we were going to raise money for a charity dedicated to it.  I mean well, how could I say no?!  I feel honoured that I'm part of something so meaningful to Ricki (although scared of the hate mail I'll probably get from all the angry fans haha!

P&CoHow is the ethos ‘Never Settle’ applicable to you?

FR : Well I guess its a case of... I feel like I worked hard to get where I am, which we all do, so never settle for anything less than what you deserve!  Good things happen to good people.  Treat people in the way you expect to be treated.  Good quality isn't just material, it can be spiritual.  I've met some very important people in my life over the last few years and they have all taught me great lessons in life.  They have taught me how important friendship, loyalty, and love are.  So yes, when you work hard and are buying a product, buy the best you can afford because why else do you go to work?!  Never settle for anything other than the very best companions and associates, surround yourself with people that are willing to push you to do good things.. this will make you a better person.  Why would you want to settle for anything less than that?!

P&Co : What is your favourite P&Co piece?

FR :  My favourite piece is the Regiment Denim Jacket.  I'm a huge denim head, and I love the cut and weight of this piece.  My favourite things about it are the shade of the indigo, and the selvedge detail on the placket. 

P&Co : Which 3 things would you take to a desert island?

FR : 1) A flash light 2) A SatNav 3) A boat.. DUH!!

P&Co : What would you like to do more of within your field (or even outside of it) in the future?

FR : I'd like to do some more charity work.  My pal Matt owns a shop up in Rugby called Mr Robinson's, in the winter he helps the homeless by feeding them at shelters and giving free hair cuts.  I really want to start giving back to the community.  I walk home from work everyday day down Shoreditch High Street, and by the time I get to the station I've given all of my tips to the guys down there asking for change.  The more I speak to them all, the more I realise that they're not all on drugs or alcoholics; they all have stories to tell and just want a chat half the time.  So I'd really like to do more charity work once the new shop settles into a good routine!

Then I'd like to see the world, maybe go to desert island on a boat..

Photography: Hannah Miles