We recently took some time to delve into the world of denim and thought the best place to start would be Amsterdam, the self proclaimed Denim capital of the world! During our time here we visited some big players in the Denim industry such as Denham, Pepe Jeans, Lee Jeans, Denim & Supply, Good Jenes, Nudie to name but a few! We were really taken back by the level of detail they put into not only their Jeans but all of there products. We can see P&Co moving forward using the same values and creating the brand we want to be. 

We also visited the Amsterdam Denim Days festival and were able to talk with designers and suppliers in order to gain some experience and knowledge in the whole Denim manufacturing process.

We are thrilled to announce we will be venturing into the Denim world in a very unique way this year! To make sure you're in the know sign up to our brand new venture here www.denimandcoffee.co.uk

Photography by Mr Timms & Mr Clark @ Amsterdam, Denim Days.



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