Jimi Jimmi - Bassist of Dead Sea Skulls

We took a few minutes after the shoot to sit down with a coffee to ask Jimi a few questions.

We spotted you at the start of the year on various social channels and noticed from your own Instagram that you have an instant grasp of style, we wanted to change our look by shooting a longer haired model and your look was perfect, Have you ever wanted to be a model?

Jimi - 

To be honest, i think everyone deep down would love to be a model but for one thing and another it doesn’t happen very easily. Being a musician I’m always conscious about my appearance as I’m always going to be pictured etc, though i never really thought about taking it any further. I had an opportunity at the start of 2015 to dip my feet into the modelling world and i took it. Since then I’ve been getting calls etc and its happened quite naturally !

Your hair is a key part of your look. Did you always intend for it to be as long as it is?

Jimi - 

I've always had long hair to be honest. So i guess i would say ‘yes’ to having intended it to be this long. I have had it cut shorter over the years but i always grow it back to the length it is now.

You've got a fair amount of body art, do any/all of your tattoos have sentiment and meanings behind them?

Jimi -

To be honest, most of my tattoos were just done with no thought behind them other than a particular style of work i wanted. There’s a handful of my tattoos with meanings, like my parents names which i had done in NYC and my thumb tattoo which has a very special meaning to me, which you can see on my Instagram.

We’ve known and seen DSS a few times has music always been a passion for you?

Jimi - 

Music has been my life and soul from a very early age. My Brother Nick and I, were given private tuition at home for around 7 years from he age of 8/9. We have always been in bands together and it works out great that Nick is a Guitarist and I’m a Bass Guitarist. We have made many sacrifices to be involved with music but most of them has paid off as we have both travelled the world playing music, whether it's been our own music or someone else’s.

Whats next for the band?

Jimi - 

Dead Sea Skulls have a few exciting gigs coming up this summer. We are off to Los Angeles this May to hook up a few things, ill say more on that once we are back. On may 30th we are hitting the Blackheart stage at Camden Rocks, just before Funeral For a Friend, which we are excited about. We are currently recording more material, so who knows, maybe another EP this year or maybe even an Album. ;-)

What struggles have you encountered in the industry?

Jimi - 

I think every band experiences struggles in this industry..Its a tough nut to crack as its dog eat dog. Its probably the only industry where you can slave away for 10 years and earn nothing..! It would sound bitter of me if i was to list any struggles but we are thankful that going through what we have we have arrived at a good place with good people who are very interested in what we do. The industry is tough but i think it has to be to separate the musicians from the posers But that can be said for a lot of things.

If you weren't modelling and making music, what would you be doing?

Jimi -

Well, coming from a market trader heritage maybe id be flogging chamois leathers and wallets at coastal towns! who knows... I do know that without music i wouldn’t be anywhere near where i am now. Music has opened so many doors for me even into modelling. I really love modelling as its another way of meeting great people and working to achieve different things to what I’m use to.

Who is your style icon and why?

Jimi -

There’s a few cool cats out there but i don’t really follow anyone in particular. I guess my hair comes from my love for Black Sabbath and Glenn Hughes when he was in Deep Purple. Clothes wise, ill wear anything, i don’t really follow a trend or a fashion, ill just wear whats comfortable really. People are always saying i look like someone but its not a conscious effort from me for that to happen.


Jimi Instagram - https://instagram.com/jimijimmi

Dead Sea Skulls - https://www.facebook.com/deadseaskulls

Photography by Gobinder Jhitta @ P&Co Studio and Birmingham City Centre, Model Jimi Jimmi.