A couple of years ago, while relaxing in a Birmingham coffee shop, the P&Co founders mulled over a nagging thought. Their shared uneasiness was simply that the menswear brands they both coveted and revered had lost something. A few espressos later their opinion solidified. The soul of some beloved-brands felt somewhat diluted. To discerning consumers of fashion brand is boss, any weakness or complacency is sensed almost subliminally. P&Co is a response to the apparent lack-lustre corporate outputs.  Collective views and lifestyles produced a single creative, influential brand.

Starting with hand drawn original T-shirt designs P&Co have developed from this catalyst-base and driven the venture into new directions and products. Ever since the launch of our hand-made leather products and our cut & sew collection at the start of the year, we have been desperate for P&Co to work with denim.

With this aim on mind we visited the denim capitol of the world, Amsterdam, and have been gathering as much knowledge on the whole denim industry, even down to the dyeing and ageing processes.

Very soon we launch our first ever pair of limited edition Selvedge denims. These are  hand-made in the United Kingdom using the highest quality Japanese denim that we could lay our hands on!

The attention to detail, quality and fit of these jeans has been meticulous. The assembly of single pair of our 'KS1 Selvedge Jeans' takes 36 man hours from cloth to canvas dust bag (which is also custom made!) The result is, we hope, a unique brand-busting product that is second to none. 

In order to usher in these new highly desirable denims and as the KS1 are our first ever Selvedge's we have 'created' 20 one-off limited edition pairs on a first come, first served basis. So, be a part of P&Co history and grab a pair for yourself, we can guarantee you will be part of a very select few!

Launching on the P&Co site very soon, do not miss out on these, details to follow....