At the beginning of the year Mr Clark and Mr Timms spent a few days experiencing the abundance of style, culture and fashion in the great city of Paris. They were seeking inspiration for this year's collections and met with a few influential 'creatives', explored the cities sights and even spent some thinking-time sitting on a roof-top high above the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Some of you may have seen this trip documented in our 'P&Co Influences : Paris video'. [LINK HERE]  And if you watched closely enough you may have spotted some very early-stage designs for our Autumn Winter collection which we have called “For The Journey”.


After pinning down their cut and sew ideas for several brand new products in Paris and producing their outline design portfolio the pair then traveled down to a prestigious manufacturer based in Portugal to discuss creation. They discussed and explained the 'For The Journey' concept handed order designs and the brilliant team started to get to work creating the first pre-production samples.


Clark and Timms love being up-close and involved in this process so that they can ensure the end result is 100% right. Seeing their products on a Quality Assurance 'rail' next to the likes of some world-leading brands confirmed they were about to produce some very special high-quality, highly desirable merchandise.  With P&Co products now been made with the same attention to detail and precision as these other industry leaders it's assured that these 'cut and sew' items are by far the best to date.

The next few months passed quickly whilst the factory created our first pre-production samples, they started working on the associated design requirements for the collection as well as the very anticipated “hero” product, 'The Tenby Rucksack'.

Clark and Timms have wanted to create the ‘perfect' rucksack for a very long time. One that fitted their lifestyle and culture brief. Something practical for both the everyday city commute and a long weekend away exploring! For this product it was extremely important that the design was spot-on and that the detail was key. The guys we we’re also fortunate enough to team up with the UK's best bag making company. Designs were promptly sent to this premium manufacturing partner and prototypes were put into motion!

Summer came around quickly with the release of 'Talons & Fangs' and the 'Wild Ones Never Die' collections. The duo decided to take some time out during the summer, Mr Clark decided to venture and do a "mini-tour" of the US to refresh and take time out to meet up with some key friends of P&Co. He also took with him some of the now delivered pre-production cut and sew items from Portugal to road test. This included the Lamber Denim Shirt, Alfred Check Shirts and also a brand new pre-production Tenby Rucksack from the UK that he took along 'For The Journey'. (See inspiration Journal post here from NYC).


Another integral part of this new collection will of course include Denim! After the launch of the Limited Edition Japanese Selvedge jeans (that sold out in a matter of days at the start of summer) the guys wanted Denim to become more of a staple forefront and become a core brand product. After all Denim has always been associated with the backbone of style and goes hand in hand with our aptly named "coffee-shop-chic aesthetic” that on-line followers and bloggers dubbed P&Co with.



The 'For The Journey' collection along with the essential denim products have all been designed and tailored from the bottom up leaving no exceptions to ensure we developed the perfect denim prodcuts, including the perfect selvedge slim pair of jeans and an effortlessly cool selvedge denim jacket. You’re going to want both of them as soon as you see them by the way!


After the summer holiday season had finished Mr Clark and Mr Timms started working on the designs for the collections printed goods deciding on taking a more of a stripped-back approach to the designs but still keeping them in check with the P&Co aesthetic. It was at this time that they also started to kick-around ideas for the Autumn Winter collection name and in keeping with their wanderings the 'For The Journey' title sprung to mind.


The collection as a whole is their biggest to date and will consist of a selection of superior cut and sew garments from Portugal, some original designed Clark & Timms T-shirt's, the all new Tenby Rucksack and a few limited edition collaboration pieces.

The collection will launch online on the 1st of October but for all of your who want to get your hands on the 'Tenby' bag you can pre-order it next Friday!

And don't forget….. it's 'For The Journey'

"For The Journey"