This Autumn/Winter sees us take on a slightly different yet familiar illustration style. We wanted to add more depth to the designs and also give them that industrial, worn in look. The inspiration for this set of artworks came from vintage printing methods and hand drawn illustration styles found on the likes of old matchbooks and stamps. With a sense of freedom and escape developing throughout the cut and sew items we set out to mimic that aesthetic to our t shirts. Each design and every individual letter was meticulously hand drawn, refined and then redrawn to create our most iconic t shirt designs to date! All designs were created and designed in England in the P&Co design studio by Mr. Timms. 



Conquerors of the Wild & Free: This design was inspired by a series of vintage hard bound books that we have in our studio. The collection has a sense of adventure and we really wanted to give the t shirt designs a sense of narrative. Mr. Timms originally designed this as a book cover to put within the collection but we instantly knew it needed to be on a t shirt! 



Fortune Favours The Brave: This design was inspired by the metaphor 'The blind leading the blind'. Sometimes a journey isn't about knowing where you will end up - it's about being open to new ideas and the skills you learn along the way by trusting your instincts.



Fate Loves The Fearless: This design features on our all time favourite wooden iPhone cases and also a brand new product; the Fate Loves The Fearless scroll. This design features the Cali Goods bear and three other original artworks. The detail of these need to be seen to be truly believed!



Speed Is Freedom: People often say to us that they feel most free when riding a motorcycle. We wanted to capture that sense of freedom within this design whilst bringing back some cafe racer culture to the collection. This design was inspired by some of the great photos from Aaron Brimhall (see blog post) of people 'surfing' their motorcycles. The design is all about embracing the wild and hitting the road to find the next adventure.



Cali Goods: This design was inspired by the location of our look book shoot for the collection, 'Big Bear Mountains' in California. With a location name like that we couldn't help but incorporate it into one of the t shirt designs! The design also features our 'Superior Goods' mark of approval that runs throughout the collection.



Fate Loves The Fearless: This design was heavily inspired by the native people of North and South America. We looked into the culture of these people and tried to use some of that imagery to create a truly unique artwork. The phrase 'Knowledge is power' seemed to come to mind with this design. To light a fire, to hunt, to survive - all vital knowledge passed down by our ancestors. 



Never Settle: This quote was one of the very first things that came to mind when we were outlining the collection and what it was all going to be about. Referencing one of our old favourites the 'Lone Wolf' design we wanted to create the sense of discovery and going it alone. This design features on an all new enamel mug - perfect for the home, workspace or even at the campfire.


Native Goods: This designs follows on from the top selling 'Approved Goods' from our Talons & Fangs collection. This mimics the aforementioned design however this one opts for a skull instead of the Cherokee that was previously used. We did this in an attempt to visualise the word 'Lifestyle' within the design. The two t shirts go hand in hand illustrating that 'Lifestyle' really means for life.



Bison Goods: This t shirt design features one of the most iconic animals in the American wilderness. This design was created with a mix of media including paint and pencil. The quote 'Roamers & Seekers' hints that there is more to the world if you open your eyes. This design was one of the final designs that we added to the collection but is also one of our favourites!