This week at the Journal we're catching up with friend of P&Co, Jason Van Pul!  Avid denim enthusiast and P&Co supporter - he's been living in our Deck Jacket for the last few months so we checked in to see how he's been getting on with it.

P&Co : So tell us a bit about you, Jason! 

Jason : My name is Jason van Pul and I live in a small town in The Netherlands with my wife and two year old son Dean.  There’s a little baby girl on the way too!  It might not be as hip and happening as, let’s say, Amsterdam, but it’s nice!  I work at an advertising company on the marketing side of things.  I’m not a designer, but I do appreciate good design that has been thought-through. 

P&Co : Dean is the best dressed kid we've seen, so we're sure the new addition will have a seriously badass wardrobe too!  We're all massive fans of your Instagram feed.  If people haven't already checked it out, can you sum up your chief interests?

Jason : I am very much interested in denim and coffee.  In the past four years I have become really passionate about raw denim.  I just love the crispy feel of a fresh pair of unwashed denim, and how it softens with wear.  The process of breaking in a pair of jeans is very fascinating, and SO addictive!  Denim has become a way of life and I dedicate a lot of my time to learning more about it, and to understanding how it’s constructed.  The artisanal side to it especially appeals to me.  I love to showcase my own worn-in jeans on my Instagram!  I also curate Denim & Coffee!

P&Co : Thanks for being such a loyal supporter of P&Co!  What is it about the brand that keeps bringing you back?

Jason : I really like brands with a strong identity.  Brands that sometimes take influence from vintage pieces and innovate them to fit today’s functional requirements; adding their own signature and obviously working with quality materials.  In my opinion P&Co is one of these brands!  P&Co has grown to represent a lifestyle that I can relate to.  As a brand they have succeeded in growing a business while cultivating a connection with their fans and customers through the use of great content.  And I love that!  That’s what brings me back time and time again.

P&Co : You picked up one of our Deck Jackets! How have you been getting on with it?

Jason : Yes!  Such an incredible piece from the Liars x Cry Babies collection.  It’s good to see it has been restocked!  The Deck Jacket is an iconic piece and the design originates from WWII.  During the war it kept sailors warm under arctic conditions; and now it’s keeping me warm during the cold and wet Netherlands winter!  It’s a perfect example of a vintage piece of clothing with a modern day twist, as I mentioned earlier.  I think that’s my favourite feature about the Deck Jacket, it’s timeless!

P&Co : We're glad it's treating you well!  Tell us about your plans for 2017! 

Jason : 2017 will be exciting with the arrival of our daughter!  As for travels we will be exploring more of our own country, there are lot’s of awesome places to discover close-to-home.  Besides that, I hope to be attending the Amsterdam Denim Days in April this year.  It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the people behind some of the most amazing brands in the business and to catch up with many friends in the denim community!

We may see you there, thanks Jason!  If you haven't already, you can check out his Instagram here and pick up your own Deck Jacket here!