We recently moved to a new studio, and decided to treat the team to some personalised leather mouse mats and coasters!  We went for natural leather mouse mats as we LOVE seeing the patina progress over time (see the final image in this post..) and a variety of our leathers for the coasters.

Our coasters feature the super-detailed face of our first ever watch, the WW-C-27!  

Check out the contrast of the natural leather goods below compared with the new pieces!  The embossed Liars wallet has achieved 2 months of stunning patina, and the Vyse Cardholder 1 month.   We can't wait to see how the mousemats and coasters age (it won't take long with daily use!) and we'll be sure to get some images when they're on their way.  Remember, if you upload an image of your leather goods you could win our monthly £200 P&Co voucher competition..  just use #pandco in the caption!