This summer marks the release of 'Liars X Cry Babies'!

This collection sees us draw a huge amount of inspiration from the rebellious youth cultures of the 1950's, motorbikes, rat rods, hot pants and Marlon Brando’s film Wild Ones. That and a few coffees later “Liars x Cry Babies” was born!

We caught up with Creative Director, Mr. Timms to get to grips with the inspiration behind the collection. 

Q : So tell us a bit about what you've been up to recently?

I've primarily been focused on getting all the graphics down for the rest of 2016's collections. We've experimented with an untouched theme for the end of the year that is set to be huge! It's given me the chance to explore new styles, and to gather inspiration from entirely new places. We've been really inspired by vintage Japanese souvenir jackets - so that can only lead to great things! The atmosphere in the studio is amazing at the moment - everyone is really hyped around the new collection ideas and pieces that we're creating. It's a really great place to be.

Q : Talk us through the inspiration behind 'Liars x Cry Babies'...

Liars is something that's written in P&Co's past. We had huge success a few summers back with the 'Desires & Liars' collection. This was where we first introduced our motorcycle / cafe racer inspiration into the mix. The 'Liars & Crybabies' collection is a prequel to the 'Desires & Liars' narrative; inspired by 1950's youth rebellion, rock & roll and Americana. Drawing inspiration from cult films, salt flat speed trials and American nostalgia, this is set to be a really fun collection, and probably our favourite to date!

Q : What is your design process, and how do you develop your ideas to arrive at a finished product?

Most of my designs consist of two elements, both of equal importance: the illustration and the quote that fits with it. I normally start (as most designers do) pulling inspiration from online sources, books and places I've visited. What I find most inspiring and rewarding, is finding my own tactile inspiration.. something you can hold in your hands that exists in the real world, rather than just on a web page! Over the years I have collated my own personal collection of vintage items and objects, ranging from matchbooks to cigarette tins and militaria. Once I have my inspiration, I then take elements of things that I like, or that I think could work for a certain idea I have. I start roughing out my ideas with initial sketches, gradually developing and reworking them into full illustrations. The final stage for me is to scan in my final artworks into Photoshop to clean and neaten them up; adding textures and extra detail where needed for screen print. Nothing beats the feeling of holding the first sample of a new product in your hands, and seeing the hard work has paid off!

Q: Which is your favourite piece from the new collection?!

My favourite piece HAS to be the 'Motor Oil' bomber jacket! It's always exciting to try new items with P&Co, and I think a bomber jacket is something we've needed to create for some time. I've wanted to try larger embroidery on a piece for a while now and I think the bomber jacket silhouette is a perfect match for it.

Q : What kind of people do you envisage wearing P&Co?

The places I can see P&Co products the most are either in coffee shops or at gigs and festivals. We've got huge links with music, and even more so with coffee.. especially as that's what the 'Co' in P&Co stands for!

Q: Where do you see P&Co headed in future?

We've been nailing down all aspects of the brand recently, to ensure we constantly keep P&Co moving and evolving. If you're not developing and reinventing you're standing still creatively and in turn the brand gets stagnant. Being a lifestyle brand means we can experiment with a huge range of different products which is so much fun! I believe that we're creating a global creative & coffee lifestyle. We've got some fantastic plans to develop and add new dimensions to the brand soon.. I'm excited to show everyone where P&Co is headed - that's all I can say for now!