We're lucky to have met some pretty badass people through P&Co, and this is one of them!  We first came across Lauren via Babes Ride Out and met up last week to take her Harley for a spin and show her our new 'Wild Ones' collection!  You can shop the new collection here and check out Lauren on Instagram here.

P&Co : Tell us about yourself! 

Lauren : My name's Lauren Carbutt, I'm 25 and currently living in Redditch!  I'm definitely a tomboy at heart... the kind of girl that would prefer to be outdoors than cooped up inside.  I'm always up for trying things once, life is short!  

P&Co : How did you first get into riding?

Lauren : I've always been a huge fan of motorbikes, or just anything with two wheels!  My love of bikes first started with cycling... then it moved from two wheels to two wheels with an engine.  I started on a 125cc that I turned into a cafe racer, and had so much fun riding around on that to gain experience!  Then I felt that I wanted something more; so I took the plunge!  I've always loved Harley's and went to have a look at some.. that's when I fell in love with my current bike.  I hadn't passed my test when I found her so she sat in the garage for a couple of months, but having her there just pushed me to gain my full bike license even more!

P&Co : Tell us about her! 

Lauren : My Sportster 883 is pretty standard at the moment.  The first thing I would love to change is the pipes; I'd love to get shorter, louder ones fitted.  Also I want to change the back of the bike - cut it down and get a smaller plate.  The good thing about bikes is that there are so many customisations you can do to them.  You can completely change the look of your bike and really make it one-of-a-kind!


P&Co : You went to the first UK Babes Ride Out right?  How was it?! 

Lauren : The first Babes Ride Out was unreal... I had the opportunity to help out and really get involved.  I travelled down to Wales on my own not knowing anyone, but everyone was SO welcoming and really made me feel part of the community!  It's the best feeling being surrounded by women who have the same passion as you.  It was one of the best weekends of my life... This event will for sure grow and grow each year - it's just the beginning for Babes Ride Out UK!

P&Co : What are your plans for 2017?! 

Lauren : I'm hoping to get away a lot more on the bike in 2017!  I would love to do Babes Ride Out in America, that would be unreal.  Until then, I plan on doing little trips every weekend.  If any other bike events pop up I'll jump at the chance to go to them,  I'm always open to new experiences!