Over the last year or so, we've really been working on improving the entire shopping experience for our customers.  We have changed several areas of our logistics, enabling us to ship your orders much faster, with cheaper shipping costs, and to more places than ever before!  We have set up a "Shop our Instagram" page allowing you to easily locate products from our social feeds if you're looking to purchase.  We have also redesigned all of our packaging!  You may have already seen the subject of this post if you've been lucky enough to receive a P&Co parcel through your door recently.. but for everyone else, here are a few photographs of our new t-shirt tubes!

Inspired by the cardboard ammunition tubes used by the U.S. army, ours feature original P&Co graphics and are super sturdy.  We hope everyone will find their own way to reuse them and incorporate them into their lives!  Suggestions thrown into the ring so far include a pen pot, rolling pin, print storage, coffee bean storage, tennis ball holder.. send in your ideas on a postcard!