NEW : The Rolling Stones x Kristen Stewart


"Is this a P&Co video?"

This morning we received an email from a very excited customer simply entitled "is this a P&Co video?" of course we then opened the link cranked the Marshall speaker up and watched what was probably the best music video we've seen in the past few years!

Alas its not a Rolling Stones x P&Co collaboration, however it has a certain Liars X Cry Babies // Wild Ones Never Die vibe to it!! The video starts with non other than Kristen Stewart playing a down-and-dirty bad girl in the music video for “Ride ‘Em on Down,” from the Rolling Stones’ album of blues covers “Blue & Lonesome,” released Friday.

“Ride ‘Em on Down” was originally recorded in 1955 by Eddie Taylor, and is the band’s first single off their 25th studio album and first in more than a decade.

Stewart rolls around a post-apocalyptic-looking Downtown Los Angeles in a bright blue Mustang wearing a cropped white t-shirt and high-waisted jeans. She licks a blue lollypop as an homage to the record’s logo, smokes cigarettes at a gas station without any apparent fear of dying in a fiery explosion, avoids a creeper, gapes a burning car, does donuts in the puddly LA River and, to cap it all off, waits patiently for zebra crossing.