This week on the P&Co Journal we're chatting with the awesome Jack Moriarty.  If you're not already familiar with his work, you can check it out on Instagram or Tumblr!

P&Co : Tell us a bit about yourself!

JM : I’m Jack Moriarty, I’m an amateur freelance lifestyle and travel photographer from California.

P&CO : Tell us a bit about your ‘craft’, & when/how you first became involved with it?

Photography was kind of a byproduct of my early graphic design phase in school.  I used free-licensed pictures from other photographers occasionally for personal projects, and after feeling unfulfilled because my finished product wasn’t 100% mine, I decided to take the photo aspect into my own hands.  After that, I was all-in on photography.  Design has remained one of my favourite art forms nonetheless.

P&CO : How is the idea ‘Never Settle’ applicable to you?

JM : The world has a way of pushing your dreams and aspirations down a notch pretty consistently.  People are always trying to find their worth in what others think of them, and that’s a lot of power that you give people over you.  In some cases, you will be completely undervalued as a person or in your content, and that takes a toll on your confidence!  I believe that “Never Settle” is a blanket statement for life; if you can maintain a confidence in your ability and worth as a person then you will see the fruits of your labour eventually.  Never, ever, settle for less than you are worth.

P&Co :  Explain your favourite piece of work to us..

JM : I can’t honestly say that I have a favourite piece of work, if I make something that totally matches the vision I had in my head, then I’ll be stoked and totally satisfied.. however, most of the time I’ll wake up the next day and find something that I could’ve done better! It’s a constant cycle of living and learning.

P&Co : What's your favourite P&Co product?

JM : It’s gotta be the Tenby Rucksack.  What’s not to love about a well-designed backpack with total functionality?!

P&Co : What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

JM : A book, a hammock, and a boat.

P&Co : What would you like to do more of within your field (or even outside of it) in the future?

I would like to branch out as much as I can (street photography, fashion, portraiture etc.), it’s not always easy with the pressure of performing for others, but the idea of being confined to one strain of photography is just as scary as lack of affirmation.