We know you're not supposed to have a favourite child... but this is definitely our favourite piece (shhhh!) from the upcoming Wild Ones collection!  Following the success of the 'Liars Bad Luck Club' Deck Jacket, we're pretty sure you're going to love it too! 
It is a classic deck jacket shape, close to those originally worn by the U.S. Navy during WWII.  If you're not familiar with them, they are intentionally simple in silhouette - with few protruding features that could snag on machinery at inopportune moments!  The full berber lining and throat-strap ensure that however cold the winter gets, you remain snug and ready to kick ass!  
It wouldn't be a true P&Co piece though without a badass twist on a classic, now would it?!  The distressed stencil work adds a rebellious nod to the moto culture way of life and sets this deck jacket apart from the rest!
Pair with your favourite bandana and Red Wings for the ultimate rebel without a cause vibe!