Red Wings are part of our daily routine.  Get up, get showered and dressed, then choose the boots of the day!  They're a boot for life; once you have a pair you'll never need another.  The thing is.. once you have a pair you want plenty more!  It's an addiction, of sorts.

Their quality construction has been practised for more than 100 years, and Red Wing are the only bootmaker that even tan their own leather.  Upon seeing a gap in the market of workboots manufactured at the time, Charles Beckman founded Red Wing in 1905 to offer purpose-built footwear that would withstand the rigors of mining and logging in Minnesota.  To this day Red Wing are still manufacturing industrial boots with a classic design, and are known for their irreproducible quality.  In 2016 Red Wing reached a massive milestone in their history, when they launched their first Women's range of boots.  Now the girls can get involved too!