When you think badass jewellery you think of The Great Frog, no doubt about it.  We've been huge fans of them for years, and our parents were fans before then!  Each piece of jewellery is crafted by hand in their Carnaby Street workshop, and it's been this way since they first opened back in 1972.  Their iconic designs stand out a mile off, and when you see one of their creations there will be no doubt it's one of theirs.  

Their client base is one of the most impressive we've seen.. and features Iron Maiden, Slayer, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Lenny Kravitz and many more.  

We popped in to say hi recently, and were lucky enough to be invited to see where the magic happens!  Their workshop is closed to the public, but we managed to get some shots to share with you.