Today is a pretty massive deal for us at P&Co HQ!  After over a year of research, hard work and sampling, we can finally announce that the first P&Co watch is almost ready!
The WW-C-27 is a watch for people that appreciate craftsmanship.  For people that want guts & personality from their watch, not minimalism.  It is for the person that is all about the product - wanting something that will stand the test of time and go through everything with them.  Every aspect of the WW-C-27 has been meticulously thought-through, designed, sampled, re-designed, re-sampled, worn-in, etc until we were 100% happy with the product.
The watch will be available to pre-order from October 1st 2016, and there are only 200 available so do not wait around!  The price is £126 - which includes a nylon strap as well as your choice of handcrafted leather Nato strap.  All pre-orders will be shipped early December, in plenty of time for Christmas!