At P&Co we try to incorporate our tag line ʻLife, Style, Eleganceʼ into everything we do. With this collection we wanted to show that these 3 elements surround us within nature. With summer fast approaching we wanted to break away from our normal colour schemes and produce a range dedicated to showcasing Natureʼs elegance.

The designs in the collection were designed to illustrate truly how detailed and refined nature can be. We wanted to take something naturally beautiful and develop it into something that would never be seen by the human eye.

Symmetry plays a very consistent and important role in this collection as it does in nature.The branding for this collection is simply an origami bird. This icon was to show that even the simplest thing, a piece of paper can be turned into something beautiful, creating life, style and elegance.

The Elegant Creatures collection consists of 4 t shirts, the "Peacock", the "Butterfly", the "Parrot" and "Tropical feathers".


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