Throughout P&Co’s short but colourful history we have always tried to incorporate our personalities into our designs and clothing. P&Co is our two personalities of Clark & Timms forged together in one single creative outcome.

We are two different people with different ideas and styles but when we collectively put our ideas together, something quite interesting and special unfolds. That’s why P&Co works. Whilst our personalities run through the entirety of P&Co, it has only been in recent collections that our names have become key features in certain designs.

This collection sees us take pride in our our own family heritage and create a simplistic line to celebrate that. All of the pieces in the collection use the phrase ‘Clark & Timms’, for us this was and is the building blocks and a solid foundation for P&Co. With a joint love of hand drawn typography this collection sees us adorn this skill and style in our designs.

We introduce you to the ‘Founder’s Collection’.

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