This march will see us launch a brand new collection called “Pray to be Stronger” with this collection we wanted to create a new image. With the new year upon us we were both keen to do something different and not to do the stereotypical Spring florals. Instead we wanted to give P&Co a masculine face for Spring. A gentleman's face.

Through looking through old family photographs over the festive period we came across some old boxing photographs of Mr.Timms' grandfather during his time in the Navy. The images depicted Mr.Timms training and sparring. We couldn't help but think that we could link these images into a new collection for Spring.

With a get fit focus on us all in the new year we took the old photos and started to create an alter brand image - The Clark & Timms Gymnasium and Boxing Club. This is what the 'Pray To Be Stronger' collection is; a masculine collection of garments inspired by one gentleman's sporting history.

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