Crafted Heavyweight Pocket T-shirt

8 Years In The Making.

We’re focused on being the best brand we can be, but there’s something  even more rewarding about heading back to our roots & turning our attention to the progression of our t-shirts.

Making t-shirts is where we learned our craft as a brand, and as a business. We would print our designs onto blank t-shirts; in what was practically a shed. Whatever hour of the day we were screen-printing tees or designing new ones, but we quickly realised that while we were proud of our graphics, the t-shirt itself could have been better.

We’ve worked with some amazing factories over the past few years- developing & bettering our own custom t-shirts. Nothing we do is from stock, we work from scratch.

We’ve made our own custom tees for the last 5 or 6 years, but we have never stopped pushing for better. It’s been a long process to get to the point where we feel we’ve perfected our t-shirts, but we think that our Crafted Heavyweight Pocket T-shirts are some of the best out there.

“If we don’t all want to own these tees we’ve failed, we’ve not done it”. They need to be the best fitting t-shirts ever.”- Jordan Brookes, P&Co General Manager.

Crafted Heavyweight Pocket T-shirts.

Our Crafted Heavyweight Pocket T-shirts are made from an ultra soft 300GSM cotton jersey. We’ve worked to create a slightly more premium fit- consisting of a more relaxed body, slightly dropped shoulders and an athletic-inspired neck construction- which will maintain its shape wash after wash.

Available in black, sage & smoke.

Customer Review.

“Overall, I’m very pleased with the t-shirts. I’ve pretty much worn them exclusively for the last 3 or 4 days and have no complaints. I’m guilty of reaching for white t-shirts by default, so these definitely provide me with a good alternative. 

-I really like the colours.

-Nice materials.

-Snug neckline (one of the main things I look for in a tee).

-The stitching along the shoulder and -upper arm give it a nice shape that -seems to make my shoulders look a bit broader.

-The fit across the shoulders and arms is perfect.

-The t-shirt length in the front seems spot on, but for whatever reason (perhaps my body shape or posture)seems to rise a little at the back.

-Held up well in the first wash. No noticeable shrinkage or change in fit.”