A Sustainability Update

The Journey So Far

In volume.6 of the P&Co Standard, we set out our goals & the next steps that we needed to take towards becoming a more sustainable brand. We had already begun to swap out all of our plastic packaging, implemented a recycling system & swapped to a renewable energy supplier within the studio, and introduced heavier weight outerwear intended as a slower & considered alternative to mass-produced fast fashion pieces.

We want to be transparent with the fact that these first steps are, for now, small, but we hope they will make a huge difference in the long-run. Here is what we have done so far this year to get closer to our goals.


New Fabrics & Weights

Continuing from winter, we have added new fabrics & weights to our collection including a linen blend & heavy-weight carded cotton. 

Linen is the strongest of all natural materials and is said to get even stronger with every wash- making it a perfect long-lasting addition to any conscious wardrobe. Our new shirting is made from a 55% linen & 45% cotton blend, creating a naturally more breathable garment that has a lower environmental impact than cotton alone or other synthetic materials.

We have also repurposed the same 260gsm fabric that makes up our premium pocket tees to create heavy-weight jersey womenswear. Our Dune T-shirts are crafted from durable carded cotton & come in 3 wearable & timeless earth tones that you won’t get bored of. The longer we hold onto our clothes, the longer we hold onto our planet.

One Button At A Time

According to Natural Geographic (February 2020), 91% of plastic is never recycled & things like plastic buttons on clothing are a huge contributor- which is why we have made the shift from plastic to plant-based corozo buttons. 

Corozo is a type of nut or seed that makes up the fruit of the Tagua tree, found to grow primarily in the rainforests of Ecuador. Corozo only falls from the trees when fully ripe; any sooner and the material is not usable. Therefore it can only be harvested naturally- helping to prevent the exploitation of this natural resource & ultimately deforestation.

Once dried out & carved, corozo buttons have similar aesthetic characteristics to ivory. They each have a unique grain, are durable and scratch-resistant.

Not only is corozo biodegradable, but the production of the buttons also provides Ecuadorian locals with further employment opportunities, and an incentive to protect the rainforest.

Keeping It Local

As you may have seen on our social channels, we are working with local artisans & UK based manufacturers to create our first official products of hard craft including a sterling silver jewellery range & our Made in England capsule both launching later this year.

By supporting & working with businesses in the UK we are not only benefitting from better communication, quality control & streamlined development time, but we are also making a positive impact on our own carbon footprint. With less miles in between the factories & our warehouse, there is less harm to the environment.

Click the button below for a message from Jordan, our General Manager as he talks about our intentions for the next few years & to see what we had already begun at the end of last year.