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Photographer: Adrián Madrid (@adrianmadrid__)

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist &Co

P&Co:How would you describe your art?

Mercedes:My art is made up of a mix of different images & symbology including animals, plants, life and death.

P&Co:Tell us about your journey into becoming a full-time artist, where did it all begin?

Mercedes:I have been drawing my whole life. I studied fine arts at university- specialising in painting. After years of just working really hard, I finally reached a point where I could make a living out of it alone.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist  &Co

P&Co:Who are your muses, both in design & in life?

Mercedes:I am not a fan of muses. I think everything in life comes after you’ve worked and looked for it. The same with art. Nothing comes on its own, you need to seek it until you make it.

P&Co:We can see a traditional tattoo influence with some of your paintings, would you say this is accurate?

Mercedes:Totally. Both modern & contemporary tattoos are full of meaning and symbolism, and I find that very interesting.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist &Co

P&Co:What are your other sources of inspiration?

Mercedes:Music, books, different artists & the internet…

P&Co:What is the creative scene like in Madrid?

Mercedes:Madrid has such an artistic and creative scene at the moment. We’re surrounded by very focused artists’ which produces synergies between individuals & communities; creating a strong creative environment.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist &Co

P&Co:When did you start riding? What motorcycle are you riding at the moment?

Mercedes:I always loved bikes, but it wasn’t until I turned 24 that I got my first one ( a Yamaha SR 250). Now I own a 1995 sportster & a BMW G310 R. I think I went mad.

P&Co:Do experience the same element of freedom and escapism with your painting as you do out on your bike?

Mercedes:They are different feelings. When I am painting I feel calm & peace, where as biking brings me the opposite, way more explosive. But both make me feel great.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist &Co

P&Co:Do you have any collaborations or projects coming up?

Mercedes:I’m preparing a book of illustrations that will be released in 2019. It’s a major project.

P&Co:How do you feel to be a part of our ‘Whatever Moves You’ women's specific campaign?

Mercedes:I love the idea. It’s really important to give presence to women in the bike scene. Thanks to campaigns like this this one, the idea of ‘women can do anything’ becomes more empowered. I’m very proud to be a part of something like this.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Mercedes Bellido, Artist &Co


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