P&Co Careers

We're currently on the look out for a number of free-thinking individuals to join our team based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. Take a look below for available positions & click through for further information & details on how to apply.

We're Hiring!


Everything we do should be quality- whether it's an email, an item of clothing or our overall brand experience. We should be constantly striving for everything to be that level above.


We've always had a creative edge and it's not something we're going to let go of anytime soon. We 'think free' when it comes to our brand, products and marketing. We are brave enough to trust in our creativity to allow us to stand out in our market.


Above all, we are proud of our brand. We are constantly pushing ourselves to progress so that we all feel proud of what we're producing. Being proud if something to feel as we progress along a journey, not necessarily just when the task is completed.