Autumn 2020- New Arrivals

A New Season

Autumn is that time of the year where we believe P&Co really shines. The season brings with it new colours & textures that we’ve tried to replicate through new washes & fabric choices- pulling inspiration from nearby forests to the Great British coastline.

“It was a vision of myself, my family & our future dog walking along a hazy British coastline that really kick-started this collection. It led us into exploring new colours and textures inspired by natures own materials, as well as new fabrics that would hold up against the water & whatever else the day may throw at us.” Lee, Creative Director

Introducing a range of new autumn pieces including high-quality outerwear and brand new men’s and women’s styles ideal for layering up. We’ve crafted a collection of durable goods that tell a story & will hold up for years to come.

The Jurassic Coast

A huge part of our inspiration was found exploring the historic Jurassic Coast, Dorset, southern England- the backdrop of our most recent shoot. 

Autumn had already got to work revealing new tones of off-white, sand, stone, olive and faded indigo that we emulated throughout our new range. The overcast skies & wet walkways set the scene for the collection, and the worn cliff edges & textures really pushed us to experiment with raw materials for a more natural & therefore premium feel.

Built To Endure

After a long spring & summer spent in lockdown, we’re not about to let the bad weather hold us back. 

It is for this reason that we chose to work with more naturally water-repellent fabrics and different weights to add a whole new level of durability to our goods and clothing.

We wanted to create wearable pieces that will withhold the wet weather conditions without restricting movement or compromise style. Introducing heavy-weight long sleeves, a new waxed canvas jacket, a light-weight water-resistant parka & a heavy women’s coat with quilted lining.