When the UK's "Barbershop of the year" approaches you and asks if you can create them some custom-made aprons, you're probably going to say yes!


Barberology are based just down the road from us in Birmingham, with new shops currently in the works!  They describe themselves as a 'modernised classic barbershop' and we totally agree with them!  When you walk in you're immediately transported.  Each barber is equally as passionate about his craft as the last; evident by their furrowed brows and the attention they pay every single hair on their customers head.  They offer an incredible level of service - something we feel is lacking in most businesses these days. 


We worked with Barberology to design aprons that were the perfect mix of style & function.  There are a huge amount of pockets, allowing the wearer to switch between tools with ease; and the fixtures are all real leather.  These will get better with age, as well as stand the rigorous test of time and day-to-day wear.  But enough chat... take a look for yourselves!