Be Loyal To The Earth

Earth Day 2023

Last month, we celebrated Earth Day, a day dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices. At P&Co, we recognise the importance of protecting our planet and are committed to doing our part. That's why this year, we launched our Earth Day initiative: "Be Loyal To the Earth."

On Earth Day, we decided to donate all profits made from our Loyalty members to a charity called SeaTrees. SeaTrees is an incredible organisation, that we have partnered with before, that supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate blue carbon coastal ecosystems. Their work includes planting mangrove trees, restoring kelp forests, coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and conserving coastal watersheds. We are proud to support their mission and to contribute to a healthier planet.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our Loyalty members, we were able to make a significant contribution to SeaTrees. We are thrilled to announce that our donation meant that we will be able to help plant 1300 Mangrove trees.

This is an incredible achievement, and we couldn't have done it without the support of our amazing Loyalty members.

At P&Co, we believe that every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our planet. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting organisations like SeaTrees that are making a difference.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 'Be Loyal To the Earth' initiative and helped us make Earth Day a little bit greener.