You asked, we listened!

Perfecting Things takes time. At P&Co we've had the time to learn a hell of a lot about t-shirts. With your feedback and 5 years graft, we believe that we've now made the best fitting t-shirt out there.

Our tees are made to be lived in, whether you’re lounging around or hitting the ramps, the fit should always be comfortable yet durable.


To achieve the 'True Fit’, we’ve increased the waist measurement so that the tees are more relaxed above the hips, as well as the hip measurement so that our tees aren’t super tight around your jeans or bottoms.

The wider 20mm rib jersey around the neck makes for a longer-lasting fit as the collar won't fold in or crease as easily.

We’ve also decided to slightly drop the sleeves; increasing the length & leaving more space for movement under the arms.

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As part of our winter collection, we’ve also introduced our first range of women’s specific fit graphic t-shirts.

We’ve always had a good response to our fits for women, but this time we’ve adjusted the length to work tucked into jeans, but also so our tees look badass and sit well on the hip when untucked. Giving you more options when styling!

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