Limited Edition Custom N1 Deck Jackets Online Now

While the current situation can, at times, feel quite repressive, it has forced us to find freedom in other forms. For us, it has been found in creativity- taking time outside of the working hours to focus on more authentic & one-off projects.

Such projects are true reflection of that original & raw creativity from which the brand was born, and we want to share that with you. We want to create one-of-a-kind pieces that you can hold onto forever- which is why we have launched Provision & Co. Customs.

P&Co Customs is a collection of super limited edition pieces, customised by hand & in-house & by our Co-Founder & Creative Director Lee Timms.


Project 1- Limited Edition Custom N1 Deck Jackets

A Piece of P&Co History

The first project to come out of P&Co Customs is our hand-stencilled N1 Deck Jackets. 

Taking inspiration from the US Navy, who during WW2 customised their own military issued jackets with their ships name, the places they’d visited or symbols of optimism, we have created 2 completely unique designs for our own P&Co N1 Deck Jackets. 

There are only 5 of each design available (ever), all of which have been hand-drawn painted and numbered out of 5 by Lee himself. Once they have sold out we really won’t be making them again, so if you do manage to get your hands on one, you will be owning a piece of P&Co history.


We don’t take any responsibility for any mishaps with the print due to bad weather or washing your jacket. All sales on custom pieces are final and cannot be returned.