One For the Road
'24 Frames'


We want to encourage our community to get out and capture genuine moments without the added pressures of camera settings, filters & edits. So many of us have become caught up in today's Instagram culture, concerned with how many likes a photo gets that we've lost touch with what really matters. This was what influenced our decision to shoot on film, and the Lomography Single Use camera in particular, for our '24 Frames' campaign.

Pre-loaded with colour negative film, it takes just one click to take a photo, and then you don't see that photo again until you have it printed and physically in front of you days or even weeks later- extending the journey & the whole experience rather than hindering it. Like road trips, film is unpredictable. You might not always get the planned shot, but the unplanned photographs, and journeys, are often the best. It is better in capturing these real memories that everyone can relate to & everyone can recreate. The results are raw, gritty and create a huge sense of nostalgia- something that we wanted to capture with both the campaign and our summer collection.

See the 24 Frames campaign

See the set by our Creative Director Lee Timms that inspired the campaign: