Bold As Brass

Good things take time.

When we reached out to WESN back in 2022, one thing we were aligned on, from the off, was the need to create a product that was bold, timeless and faithful to the heritage of both brands. An everyday piece of carry, to hold onto for now & forever. 2 years later, we’re proud to introduce a collaboration worth waiting for: The WESN x P&Co Slip-joint microblade. 

In Good Hands.

We’re both proud of the brands and products we’ve respectfully created, so to lend one brand to the other requires an immense amount of trust. We knew WESN were masters of their trade, and we’d like to think they thought the same about us. We knew, that when it came to creating an heirloom piece, we were in good hands. 

Bold As Brass. 

As we started talking and noticing how similar we are as individuals, and brands, we knew we’d be friends for a long time. We wanted to work with a material that would stand true to that sentiment, but also pay homage to the glory days of our industrial past. 

Tapping into WESN’s Detroit-based roots & taking influence from the craftsmanship that surrounds P&co’s Birmingham HQ, we utilised brass as our material of choice. Together, we have crafted a knife that tells a story- developing one of a kind patinas, and only growing better with age. 

There is a limited number of pieces, to ensure the best quality. 

You may have seen on Instagram, a few weeks ago, that we asked you what you wanted to know about the P&Co x WESN Slip-joint Microblade. Well, we put your questions forward to WESN Founder & CEO Billy Chester, and Ethan Thompson- Creative Director & Head of Brand Communication, who answered them in the video below!