The Crafted Collection Care Guide

Tips and Tricks to keep your Crafted Tees looking fresh.

Here at P&Co, we know the importance of a good quality, plain t-shirt in anybody’s wardrobe. The everyday styling pieces that finish off any outfit, the go-to piece when you don’t know what to wear, the layering piece that goes underneath your favourite hoodie or jacket. That’s why it took us years and years of development to get our Crafted Heavyweight T-Shirts right. 

With our Crafted Collection being such a core part of our brand, we often get a lot of questions about the best way to care for them. And who better to ask than our CEO, Jordan? He owns more crafted tee’s than anyone else we know, so we feel that he’s more than qualified to share some tips and tricks on how to keep them looking as fresh as they were when you took them out of their packaging.

The Guide:

  • Keep the wash loads small - overloading can increase the risk of colour fastening and dirt/grime passing onto other garments.

  • Don’t mix colours! Tempting as this might be when you’re in a rush, but it’s a must to keep whites separate and colours separate from darks like black tee's

  • Always turn your tee's inside out, if there's any cross contaminants in your washer it will save the outside of your t-shirts and the abrasive thrashing through the washer will agitate the fibres of the fabric and will reduce the softness and durability of the fabric over time. Your tee's will maintain the same look and handle for this!

  • Avoid using washing capsules that go in with the load, good old classic detergent is best. Too often, the purple or blue liquid in your washing capsules can burst on your tee and cause shadowing on your white t-shirts.

  • Avoid bleaches -  it can yellow your white tee's over time and it's not worth the risk!

  • Always wash at 30 °C or below.

  • Wear it and wash it - Some antiperspirants can cause yellowing around the armpit area, try spraying before you put your tee on to avoid overspray and then avoid wearing multiple times without washing, this will help to keep those stains away!

  • If you get a stain on your white t-shirt not all is lost, it depends on how bad the stain is and how quickly you act but it's best to apply some Oxy powder to a bowl of warm water (Max 40°C) and then add your t-shirt to the bowl, press your t-shirt down into the bowl and let it float back up, doing this for a couple of minutes to ensure the stain remover has worked through the fabric. Leave that to soak for 1 hour and then add your t-shirt to your wash load, keeping the load very light and following the previous instructions in this guide.

  • Drying your tees...Rule number 1, the tumble dryer is fast and convenient but it doesn't give a damn about your t-shirt, it will degrade the quality very quickly. Stick to a good old washing line, avoiding overhanging tree's or an airer in your home near a radiator or source of heat.

  • Iron on reverse, always.

  • Finally turn your t-shirt right side out and admire it's maintained beauty!

  • Oh and if you want to really maintain that t-shirt shape, store folded. If you prefer them hung then use a wider hanger to ensure the shoulders are properly fitted and always apply your hanger from the bottom of the hem to avoid stretching the neck line.