Products Of Hard Craft

P&Co Jewellery

Well-crafted, minimal, considered.

Made In England

For our first products of Hard Craft, we have created a range of solid silver jewellery, consisting of 2 men’s and 2 women’s signet rings, and 2 pendants debossed with our hand-drawn fern & palm designs. All proudly made in England.

Each piece was designed, by hand, in our Birmingham-based studio, and brought to life by local artisans- situated in a factory just a 2 minute walk down the road. We are lucky to be able to call the Jewellery Quarter our home, and when discussing the idea of making our own jewellery, we knew there was no option but to make it here.

‘The City of a Thousand Trades’

Nicknamed ‘The City of a Thousand Trades’, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has been a world-renowned pioneer of the jewellery industry since the mid-1700’s. By 1780 there were 28 recorded jewellers, today there are approximately 700, with 400 of those manufacturing 40% of the UK’s jewellery output.

The design process was long, and it took a good few months, numerous sketches & factory visits before we saw a sample that we were happy to move forward with. We initially intended to hand-cast & carve each piece, however, we did not feel that the final details that we were left with were strong enough to make the cut as hard craft products.

We decided to work with a factory who combined the old-fashioned craftsmanship that the JQ is known for, with modern technology and equipment that is able to produce clean pieces without losing the character of our hand-drawn artwork.

925 Sterling Silver

Both our rings & pendants are crafted from a heavy-weight 925 sterling silver, and are hallmarked with an anchor- the symbol of the Birmingham Assay office, which was established in 1773. Our pendants also come with a custom chain featuring a P&Co branded fastening.

Products Of Hard Craft

Each piece of P&Co Sterling Silver Jewellery is a Product of Hard Craft, designed to the nth degree & limited to a run of just 100 pieces per design. You really will be owning a piece of P&Co history.