P&Co x Instrument Overland

Quality at every turn.

Introducing the Driver’s Jacket, the latest outerwear style from P&Co. For this first limited edition, we have collaborated with the guys from Instrument Overland- a design-centric collective of vintage Land Rover owners & drivers. Made from a 10.8oz waxed cotton canvas with a warm quilted lining & concealed storm cuffs, it is the ultimate cold-weather piece and our heaviest coat yet.

It features many of the same components as the Land Rover that inspired it including the patchworked wax fabric, the military webbing pocket closures and an interior D-ring to attach your keys.

Combining functionality with style, the Instrument Overland Driver’s Jacket is a boxy fit with gusseted shoulders for additional comfort when driving.

Instrument Overland

We’d known the guys from Instrument Overland for a while. Jordan, our CEO, bought his Honda from Jason (one of the three Instrument collective) a few years back, so when they reached out to us about a potential product collaboration we were really excited. As soon as we got the final proto’ of our Driver’s Jacket, we knew we had to send it out to the guys and let them put it to the test. We caught up with the guys shortly after to get to know them a bit better & to see what they thought of the final garment.

Introduce yourself!

Hey — we are Instrument Overland, a ‘design-centric’ collective of Land Rover owners made up of 3 like-minded mates trying to positively contribute to the next chapter in Land Rover history.

Tell us more about Instrument Overland, where did it all begin?

Years back we toyed with the idea of creating an overland club in Dorset when one of us had purchased a classic Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 with the hopes of doing a restoration on it. The car had to be sold after doing the mechanical work as other priorities had surfaced. With that, the Overland Club idea also got shelved. Fast forward to 3 years ago and another one of us had purchased a Land Rover 90 that was also going to be a restoration project. A year or so on, another one of us bought a Land Rover 110 during COVID and then the final piece of the puzzle was put together when the final member purchased a Series III. 

The idea of the Overland club re-surfaced and we decided to formally name and ‘brand’ the collective. To get practical about building the brand, we started by simply going on drives and campouts together and threw some ideas around where we would like to see Instrument Overland go one day. As we all have day jobs, Instrument would very much be an evening and weekend project for some years. 

Some of the ideas we had for Instrument were to incorporate products, events and experiences. We had immersed ourselves in the Land Rover community and found from our perspective that there was room for a ‘fresh’ approach to what was going on in the LR world. It would also be good to mention that our collective really focuses on Land Rovers built up to 2016 (you may see the numbers 47-16 in our logo) which references the production dates through to the huge update in Defender shape to the new models after 2016. 47 refers to 1947 when the Rover Company approved production of the first concept.

What was it that sparked your love of Land Rovers?

Land Rovers are so iconic and carry so much nostalgia. Personally, I had a huge Defender 90 poster on my wall as a kid and I also vividly remember watching televised footage of the Camel Trophy which was the epitome of adventure and overlanding in far-off exotic places.

Do you have a favourite model (Land Rover)?

We all have different opinions (and rightly so) when deciding on our favourites. They are all very different driving experiences and have different looks, from the Series I / II / III, the 90 to the 110 / 130. I know the other guys are eventually hoping to drive older models like the Series I, (one of us had just bought a model from 1952) I personally prefer the comforts of power steering, heating and a moderate 60mph on the motorway combined with a soft top that can be completely opened up. 

There was one vehicle in particular that was a big influence on the Driver’s Jacket, tell us about it!

So that was the 1985 Land Rover 90 (named Murph) which was mentioned at the start and the vehicle kicked off the actual beginnings of Instrument Overland. A lot of love and time has been put into restoring it, down to a new engine. The 2-tone look was tested out a while back while deciding which colour to settle on (as you can paint your own car) but not sure there will ever be a definite choice. 

Why did you decide to work with us?

We knew of P&Co years ago and one of us ended up meeting them when selling a Honda CB 500. While thinking about the product, we knew we wanted to put out quality that could stand the test of time. There was also not much in the way of clothing tailored for driving and overlanding. We knew that P&Co were doing an amazing job in the motorcycle world and after seeing some Land Rovers appear in their look books, we realised that there is a lot of cross-over between both communities. If you like bikes, you probably like cars and vice versa, especially classics. We reached out and explained what we had going on and the opportunity we saw to produce something special and knew that P&Co could pull it off.

What do you think about the jacket? Is it what you expected?

The jacket has blown us away and exceeded all expectations. We were all on the same page very early on and P&Co ran with the ideas and detailing to really make it next level. We can’t wait to take the jacket through its paces as the seasons change.

Do you have any big plans coming up for Instrument Overland?

So many ideas and plans! We will be hosting another event at Compton Abbas Airfield next year (Jun/Jul dates tbc) after the success of our first event back in July of this year. We will be extending the format into a day and night event with some extra special touches.  

We are continuing our ‘Last Sunday Coffee Club’ (hosted on the last Sunday of every month) throughout the Autumn / Winter as we have found a base over on the Isle of Purbeck.

We are in the midst of planning a 7 day expedition drive next year with the team and are hoping to put a focus on sustainable fuels.

We are in talks to do a charity build / restoration with drive and auction for next year.

We are continuing the lookout to develop further products with brands in the outdoor cooking space and we are hoping to continue the relationship with P&Co in the future.