We've been involved with Christian, who curates '1924.us' one of the most inimitable, online virtual-museums, for some time now and his particular shared interest in typography is something that we both find quirky, provoking and quite genuinely genius!

A while back we opened up an online dialogue with Christian, discussing everything from design and life-style to our shared passion for good coffee (obviously). Fairly quickly we realised our similarities and shared ideals and it wasn't long until we had a 'light-bulb of collaboration' moment! We kicked around a few ideas, Christian grabbed his weapon of choice a micron 0.2 and started drawing!

This collection entitled "Look Back / Move Forth" is nakedly-honest and about reviewing what you've done in life whether it be at work or at play. For better or worse, it's about moving forward and pressing on towards your dream, goal or focal point. We've scoured the P&Co archives and any aficionados of fashion out there might well spot a few designs that 'tip the hat' to P&Co's and 1924's recent past!

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