From the Bottom Up

Why we’ve made the move to organic cotton for our new range of socks.

P&Co Organic Ribbed Cotton Socks 2-Pack

Our new P&Co Socks are made from ribbed organic cotton and are available in both a men’s mid-length & women’s cropped-length fit, in black & off-white colour-ways.

Socks are not something we’ve done for a while, so we wanted to really put the effort in, turning our focus to the comfort, durability & sustainability of the products- not just how good they look. Both our men’s and women’s socks do feature intricate P&Co embroidery on the outer-leg, but the magic really happens on the inside. Each sock is lined with a French Terry cushioned sole or foot-bed, not only creating a stronger longer lasting piece, but also adding additional comfort that you’ll miss when returning to your standard socks.

We also opted for an 85% organic cotton fabric, again adding to the durability, but also because it’s nice to know you’re doing your bit for the planet. 

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, and we decided to start from the bottom.

Organic Cotton Vs Conventional Cotton

Organic cotton is definitely softer than standard cotton, however the main reason we chose to swap to organic, was because of the environmental benefits. Unlike conventional cotton the growth & manufacturing of organic cotton uses 88% less water, 62% less energy, and does not use any harsh chemicals or toxic pesticides in the process- which in return doesn’t damage the soil, and keeps cotton farmers & their families safe.

Organic cotton is a slightly higher price point than standard, however when you consider the quality, the durability & the amount of extensive manual labour that goes into growing organic cotton, you know you’re getting your money's worth. By choosing organic socks it means that you won’t have to replace them so often, which is a bonus, as no-one likes holes in their socks.

Made In Portugal

Another thing that we are especially proud of is that our socks are made in Portugal.Portugal is known for its manufacturing & craftsmanship. It is this age-long know-how, technical understanding & experience, especially within the textiles industry, which means it is a country that produces some of the highest quality garments.

Portugal factories also tend to be on a much smaller scale, so brands like ours are able to order smaller quantities of a garment. By working on a smaller scale, this also allows manufacturers to give more attention to each product- again adding to the quality.