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Starting with Utah based photographer & good mate of the brand




Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Sammons &Co

P&Co: You’ve shot for P&Co for a few years now, how did you first discover the brand?

Dan: I first discovered P&Co on Instagram back in the early days. I noticed some models that I followed wearing the brand, and I was stoked on the style and aesthetic so I gave it a follow!

P&Co: What made you first pick up the camera?

Dan: I first picked up a camera about 7 years ago. I was working for this clothing brand as an e-commerce Manager. The company had a couple of in-house cameras and I taught myself how to use them so I could help out on the content side of things. I got so stoked on shooting photos that I left that company to do freelance photo work.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Sammons &Co

P&Co: What do you tend to shoot on?

Dan: With the nature of my work I’m pretty hard on my equipment, so I bought a cheap Sony A6000 and I basically shoot on that everyday unless I’m shooting a bigger project. Then I’ll normally rent or borrow a Canon 5D Mark IV. Due to the quickly changing technology I haven’t actually purchased a big boy camera in a long time since better and better stuff comes out so often.

P&Co: We see you shoot a lot of motorcycles, cars, road-trip style stuff, oh and girls, have you always shot in this style?

Dan: My aesthetic has pretty much stayed the same since I first started shooting photos. I get most of my inspiration from being on the road, so that’s where my work tends to flow. I’m not much of an 'in studio' type of guy, although I have done a lot of that stuff in the past. I’ll basically shoot anything for money but when it comes to my personal brand I stick to shooting the things I’m passionate about. Cars, bikes and babes.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Sammons &Co

P&Co: When did you take the risk and move into freelance work?

Dan: I started with freelance basically out of nowhere. I had a full time job but it wasn’t doing it for me creatively. I started to get a bit of traction on social media for the stuff I was shooting in my free time and brands started to hit me up to shoot stuff for them. I never really intended for this to be my job but it fell into my lap and when I finally realized I could work for myself there was no looking back.

P&Co: Bet you’ve met/ worked with some pretty cool people along the way?

Dan: The people I’ve met and had the opportunity to become friends with throughout the journey really is the best part. Social media is a crazy monster and I truly feel so grateful for what it’s provided for me. Not only has it been an amazing vehicle to express my creativity but also a perfect platform to connect and collaborate with some of the most talented and inspiring people. Too many to name, and I’ve never been one to fanboy over people, but so many photographers and creatives, models, influencers, musicians, athletes and so on.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Simmons &Co

P&Co: You’re lucky to live in a city like Utah with its stunning backdrops, do you have a favourite location you like to shoot?

Dan: I’m lucky to have ended up living in Salt Lake City for the past 7 years. Like you said, it’s absolutely beautiful here and there are so many opportunities to get amazing photos. As you can probably tell from my shots, I really dig the desert. And it goes from mountains to desert really quick out here. I do some of my best work out in the middle of nowhere. No one can bug you out there and you can do anything you want. Plus the scene that it creates for photos is by far the best in my opinion. The possibilities are endless just like the landscape.

P&Co: Do you ride yourself, if so what do you ride?

Dan: I'm a chopper guy, mostly Harley’s. I sold my last one so currently my only bike is an ‘80s Honda XL 600 enduro that’s actually being re-built right now, so I haven’t been riding much lately. But I’m gonna be building a Harley Evo Big Twin chopper soon which I’m really stoked for.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Simmons &Co

P&Co: What other projects have you got going on aside from photography?

Dan: Honestly I’ve been taking a little bit of time away from photography lately to work on some other things. I started a shop with two of my buddies and we specialize in building and restoring older cars and trucks, building bikes, and building custom furniture for people. I grew up doing that stuff with my Dad and it’s always been one of my passions.

Also, I’m working on a tech startup with another buddy of mine. Set to launch within the next 6 months so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more info on that from me soon!

P&Co: And what did you think of the ‘5 Years Wild’ collection we sent out?

Dan: You guys always impress me more and more with every launch! The 5 years stuff you sent out is bad ass! My favourite jacket you’ve made to date! Keep on killing it, I always look forward to working with you! Thanks for keeping me in the family, congrats on the 5 years!

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Dan Simmons &Co

Lens: @cfarns22