We’ve been inundated with messages, emails and pleas regarding the return of our leather goods collection; begging (asking) us to bring them back. The truth is we had outgrown our little leather range- it had served us well but it didn’t quite meet ‘the wild standard’.


Yet not all hope is lost…


Let us introduce to you our new and improved branded leather goods. Handcrafted in England, UK; each piece of the new ‘logo’ range maintains the high level of quality that we have always prided ourselves on- but this time we’ve really put our stamp on them.




We have reworked our classic selection of wallets, cardholders, key fobs and E.D.C trays, to build a distinctive range that resonates with the overall vibe of Provision and Co. By now you should know we don’t do things by halves- our tees and jackets are loud and graphic, so it’s only right that our leather matches up! Embossed with our new logos and branding; the new leather goods collection is sure to make an impact and is instantly recognisable as P&Co!



Available in our 4 signature colour-ways (rust brown, burnt tan, smoke grey and natural), each individual product is traditionally constructed from 100% genuine vegetable-tan dyed leather-which is treated with a concoction of waxes and oils; emphasising the leathers natural grain and growth marks that, over time, develop and change colour to create a unique and distressed look.



As a ‘wild one’ you want an item that stands the test of time (and the road), and an item that will only get better with age. We provide for the wild ones.

Durable, handcrafted, trademark goods.