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At P&Co, we're always learning and nothing is ever taken for granted. We look at customer feedback regularly, and incorporate this into our new products, packaging and company practices.

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      Did you know that we reward our customers for leaving reviews, no matter what they say, through our Loyalty Dept.

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      Products of hard craft

      We know that nothing ever worth holding onto was built overnight. That's why we trust in the process. We take our time and do it right. We're proud that our goods go through some seriously hard craft.

      Sustainable packaging

      We have made the transition to 100% biodegradable poly-bags that are made from plants, not plastic. Working closely with our manufacturers to find sustainable sources, we have managed to ditch plastic packaging completely.

      P&Co tabloid included

      Each order includes our original P&Co Standard newspaper, keeping you in the loop on new releases, studio exclusives, and more. Each P&Co Standard included in orders is also made from 100% recyclable paper.

      Rewarding loyalty

      As a thank you to our awesome customers, we have developed an entirely new section of our website. Our Loyalty Dept. is a place for you to collect exclusive discounts, to shop collections before anyone else, and for us to reward your loyalty to the brand.

      Reasonable returns

      We offer a 45 days return policy, as we are aware that sometimes it's not perfect. We have opted for this to ensure flexibility, but keep emissions down with unnecessary & excessive returns.

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