MFG. No. 66220591

MFG. No. 66220591

MFG.No. 66220591 are a jewellery manufacturer based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, an area renowned for pioneering the jewellery industry since the mid-1700’s. With over 30 years experience NexGen specialise in precious metal jewellery casting and production.

Our Relationship

For 6 years we’ve called the Jewellery Quarter our home and a place that we’re proud to say we operate our business from. When we first discussed the possibility of creating a jewellery collection we knew we had to take full advantage of the skills & craftsmanship that surrounds us & work with local artisans to produce it.

Being just a stone's throw away from our studio, means that we have been able to be there for every step of the manufacturing process- taking what began as our simple line drawings to heavy sterling silver signets & necklaces.

Ethics & Sustainability

MFG. No. 66220591 use 50% recycled sterling silver & 50% silver from sustainable sources. The use of recycled silver means that there is less resource used during production- therefore the amount of waste product is also reduced. As well as slowing down the consumption of natural resources, being less reliant on the mining process also has a huge impact on human health; as the process can contaminate ground water with mercury & cyanide, which is extremely damaging. 

Being in close proximity to our studio, also means that we are able to collect product samples on foot- cutting out a need for transportation.

Process & Materials

Taking an original concept, this manufacturer uses a CAD programme to help begin to bring the design to life- allowing us to revisit and rework the designs until they are perfect. The design is then printed in wax using a 3D printer before being cast into metal. The use of advanced technology means that they are really able to achieve the clients desired outcome- however they still use traditional methods & have a team of talented craftsmen who are able to create more organic & handcrafted designs.