Hookie Co is a concept store + collective of motorbike loving craftspeople, based in Dresden, Germany.  They restore and build motorbikes in their workshop, as well as stocking a selection of magazines and clothing.  We love what they're about, their super friendly attitude and cannot get enough of their incredible space!  You can check out their website here & give them some love on Instagram here
P&Co : How did Hookie Co come about initially?
Hookie Co : We both started as freelance designers when where younger, and always loved to turn our ideas into products.  6 years ago we were working at a design studio called Snagly and started to developed some small products, like backpacks.  It was at this time that Nico bought his first motorcycle, the first time he had ever come into contact with one!  So the first build was his Yamaha XS650, and as we know it wasn’t our last.. It grew from there!
P&Co : Talk us through a standard day at Hookie?
Hookie Co : We drop the kids at kindergarten, then open our garage doors at 9am sharp!  We set up the showroom and workshop, Nico brews some coffee, and we go over the plan for the day.  After our caffeine fix, Nico and Christoph (the manpower behind the motorcycles) get stuck in in the workshop and get shit done!  At lunchtime we get pretty busy as lots of people come by for coffee and a chat, or for a little shop.  After discussing design solutions for the actual builds and taking some photographs to document them, we try to make some progress.  The last job every day is to clean the workshop top to bottom!  The best thing is picking our sons from kindergarten and having some family time after a busy day.
P&Co : What's your favourite P&Co piece?!
Hookie Co : Whoa, there is a lot good stuff you guys make.. but we are truly in love with the Tenby Rucksack and the MFG Chore Jacket!  The travel mugs are also super cool and definitely essential!
P&Co : Which 3 things would you take to a desert island?
Hookie Co : This is a good and heavy question!  As we live in a consumer society we are SO obsessed with having loads of things we don’t need surrounding us.  Our dream is to have a loooong road-trip through Europe with our kids, very few possessions, and our car.  Hopefully this comes true someday!  So our 3 things on island would be... 1) Our boys, of course!  2) A blanket to stay warm  3) A knife!