Despite some restrictions lifting, it feels like lockdown is still the word of the day so - after almost 4 months in quarantine - we’re in need of some escapism.
Luckily our upcoming summer collection, which features palm trees, washed & worn fabrics & repeat prints, is built with escapism in mind.
We launched a handful of men’s graphic t-shirts early, so we could provide some much-needed distraction to being locked indoors, and the response was incredible!
It was clear you guys need to get out as much as we do and we loved seeing everybody embrace the idea of summer escapism (our palm tree sporting Bitter Sweet Summer T-Shirt was the best seller from the first early drop.)
This response made us work round the clock to try and bring a couple more styles forward and - after receiving a shipment early in our warehouse - we’ve decided to launch 2 more summer graphic t-shirts!
Lover’s Ruin T-Shirt
Our new Lover’s Ruin T-Shirt, is inspired by vintage band tees. This premium mid-weight base tee is finished with a hand-drawn rear graphic print, making it 100% P&Co.
This love letter to the classic merch of ‘80s rock bands will give you that pure sense of escapism that comes from open air festivals & concerts.
Most of our go-to festivals might be cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t still show up with a little rebel spirit.
Jungle T-Shirt
In contrast to Lover’s Ruin, the Jungle T-Shirt is more of a classic P&Co piece; with a bold rear graphic and our updated summer typography, we looked into the archive to draw inspiration for this one.
Like the rest of our men’s tees, the Jungle T-Shirt is constructed from 100% cotton and is a premium feeling mid-weight, ensuring you’ll feel like the king of the jungle in this one.
Jungle Graphic T-Shirt
Whichever of these graphic tees you opt for, you know you’ll be getting a product of hard craft.
This is just the start of our summer collection, we’ve still got headwear pieces, men’s shirts, women’s graphic t-shirts, women’s fatigue pants all coming soon!