Products of Hard Craft

Made in Birmingham

With recent travel restrictions we've found ourselves spending a lot more time in our hometown of Birmingham, UK.

We've taken a step back and learnt to re-appreciate the city, its history & the people that first influenced the brand.

Being based in the historic Jewellery Quarter amongst over 200 listed buildings, we are surrounded by the remnants of traditional craftsmanship, industrial buildings, and hand-painted typography and signage.

As well as being instrumental in the hand-crafting of the majority of the UK's jewellery output, the brand's cultural home has seen the invention and innovation of products ranging from the pen nib to whistles and coins.

Products of our Past

These historic innovations, as well as the daily reminders of the city's industrial past, are massive inspirations to us and are reflected in pieces old and new, from our hand-crafted full grain leather wallet to new hand-drawn graphic t-shirts for autumn.

Taking this inspiration from classic production processes further than ever, we're doubling down on making sure we get every product right.

We're still designing everything in-house, all while managing our entire production process, from drawing up tech packs to approving samples, from the studio.

On top of this we've brought more parts of the brand in-house to the studio, turning unused corners of our office into a creative space for photoshoots.

Quality & Timeless Design

With all this time to reflect on the brand we still see P&Co being a brand with quality & timeless design at the forefront.

We want to create simple but ageless pieces that will last for years to come & will always have a story to tell, while keeping prices fair for our community.

All this is to say that while taking influence from the past, we're moving forward.

We're working closer with our internal team to take our appreciation for the industrial heritage on our doorstep by exploring new durable fabrics & improved processes.